Eleagues is the most competitive league management systems on the market with prices starting from as little as £100 per year for one league. This is a fantastic league system for you to create your very own league even if you have never run a league before.

Eleagues offers everyone the chance to run your league you can start a league with as little as four teams and still keep it cost affective. We can cover all sports and would be delighted to add your sport to our collection no matter how small you feel you are.

If you would like to discuss it further please contact us at using form below, we also offer free leagues and knockout systems for schools and charity events as we just love to promote the health and wellbeing for all our younger generations.

One League - £100 per year

Ideal for leagues that are starting out or a group of friends that want to start a league with our easy to set up league and live score updater all for only £100 per year, creating a league could nevrer be easier.

Four Leagues - £200 per year

Ideal for a more established league or club or a smaller league wishing to add to their success with one to four leagues this is an ideal system for most clubs or associations.

Twenty Leagues - £300 per year

A superb and cost effective way to run a large league system take the stress out of running a large league with our easy to use league system.

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